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Sometimes ordering Vitamins can be confusing and if you find that to be the case, call the office, during working hours, and we will go through it with you.  When you go to the “Vitamin link” you will find two main categories.  If you want to browse the entire Metagenics line you can certainly do that to order other personal supplements.  In general, you can go to the column “Browse by Custom Packets” and then down to the category “Specific for Bariatric Patients” to view the specific preparations that are needed for all bariatric patients.  It still can be confusing to know just which product is which so the fundamentals are reviewed below.  Again, if you have questions, call the office.

  • Protein Supplements are just that.  They are a way to supplement your Protein and they are not full meal replacements.
  • Meal replacements are designed to be a formal, liquid, meal replacement.  It has a low glycemic index, balance that the protein supplement does not have.
  • Cal Apatite is our recommended Calcium replacement and it comes in several forms.
  • Co-Q 10 is a powerful antioxidant
  • Hemagenics is a very well absorbed iron preparation.  Remember not to take Iron and Calcium together.
  • Iso D3 is a very concentrated form of Vitamin D.  If you are low on Vitamin D, this is the form to take to build back up.  You do not need this product if your Vitamin D level is normal.
  • Multigenics is our recommended multi-Vitamin.  We did a study to show that this preparation dissolves in the small pouch (with no acid) of the gastric bypass patient.  Most Vitamins need acid to dissolve.  This is an excellent, high potency, multi Vit.  Most patients do quite well with three tablets per day.  For patients who have a malabsorptive procedure, such as a BPD or a distal gastric bypass, six tablets are needed per day.

Soon the Metagenic line will include a Vitamin B 12 and Thiamin.

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