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ABC Nightline Video About One of Dr. Wittgrove's Patients

Dr. Wittgrove on NightlineKnowing her health was at risk, Dr. Alan Wittgrove's patient was profiled by Nightline for her courage in both electing bariatric surgery for health reasons and choosing to finance the surgery herself.

Dr. Alan Wittgrove Bariatric Discussion and Interview on ABC Nightline September 2008

What Newsmakers Discuss About Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

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Viewing the Operation

Many people like to view parts of the operation. The video clips that are included here show various parts of the operation. We think it is very clear that the visualization is quite good using the Laparoscopic techniques. Some surgeons will say the view is better with the open technique but you can see for yourself.

Wittgrove Bariatric Informative Video  (same as links to the right)

Outline of the Various Clips

Endo Alternate” shows the main screen as a view of the Laparoscopic camera inside the abdomen and the picture in picture looking down the esophagus with another scope. The main screen shows a needle going into the small stomach pouch and you can see it with the other scope inside the stomach. We open a snare in the stomach and grasp a “pull wire”. The pull wire will be used to bring the anvil of the circular stapler down into the stomach pouch. We have done this technique literally thousands of times without an incident.

Endo 3” shows the final part of making the connection between the two parts of the small intestine. This is done with a stapling device.

GE 1” shows us putting the circular stapler into the small intestine and then connecting it to the anvil in the stomach pouch. This forms the connection (anastomosis) between the two.

GE 2” shows the closure of the small intestine where the circular stapler was placed.

Oversew 1” shows us placing a suture in the small intestine and securing it to the stomach. This helps take the tension off the staple-line. You can see we use a special suture that has a pre-formed knot which facilitates this process.

Penrose to SM” shows the small intestine being sutured to the penrose drain. This drain is used to pull the small intestine up to the stomach pouch, behind the colon and “old stomach”.

Sizing pouch” shows the stomach with a balloon in it. The balloon is blown up to 15cc and then it is pulled into the upper stomach. We feel it is very important to have a very small stomach pouch and therefore we measure it every time.

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