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Post-Gastric-Bypass Body Reconstructive Surgery or GBRX®

Bariatric surgery will help lose weight and gain health. However, it is just the beginning on your road to recovery. Frequently, after massive weight loss, the remaining stretched extra skin does not re-tighten adequately. Research has shown that no amount of time or additional weight loss or exercise will tighten this skin. For such situations specialized surgery is indicated especially if it is a health nuisance. Post-gastric-bypass (which means: "after" gastric-bypass) surgical reconstruction of the body is not a shortcut to simply appearing lean again. Large folds of skin can become chronically chafed, irritated, and infected, causing pain and some health dangers, not to mention emotional distress. Reconstruction is an often medically necessary step that should be considered and planned-for.

The Wittgrove Bariatric Center endorses the expertise of Dr. M. K. Batra at Coastal Plastic Surgeons in Del Mar, California, to handle post-gastric-bypass reconstruction (GBRX®) matters. Dr. Batra's expertise in his GBRX practice is the result of years of focus in this area in which he has helped alleviate the functional problems associated with loose skin for hundreds of patients. His specialized method for performing his specialized "body lift" work (called GBRX at his clinic only), encompasses all aspects of needed surgeries such as panniculectomy, abdominoplasty which includes functional tightening (plication) of the abdominal muscles, back, arm, and leg lifts, as well as plastic surgery of the face and neck. Dr. Batra is one of only a small handful of doctors nationwide who have attained recognition for their focus on post-bariatric weight loss reconstruction. Please feel free to consider Dr. Batra and Coastal Plastic Surgeons with confidence.

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This is an example of results from a "tummy tuck" or abdominoplasty, plus specific liposuction, under the overall heading of GBRX or post (after) gastric bypass reconstruction of the body.

Below is an example of results from an "arm lift" or brachioplasty. Many other corrective procedures are also available at Coastal Plastic Surgeons in Del Mar.

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