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Seth Margolies

My First `Century` Article

Yesterday at age 39 11 months and 2 days I rode my first century which was actually 103 miles. I got up at 330 am to drive 112 miles to Palm Springs in order that I could ride my bike 103 miles. How stupid why didn’t I just ride my bike to Palm Springs? Actually riding makes me happy. As some of you know, I am training for the LA Marathon and last week I ran 21 miles. Running is the most boring thing on the planet no wonder, Forrset Gump did it. You have to have a 32 IQ to enjoy it. Bikers on the other hand are nuts. Into bikes, clothes, technology gear ratios, etc.

Any how I get to the starting point after expressing my displeasure that they didn’t have my preordered bike jersey. At the starting point the Mayor gave a speech and then Fred “the hammer Williams” After they paraded 17 school queens ( I now get Roman Polanski's comment that she looked 18) and of course the school band played us the Rocky theme. Ugh did I land in Pleasantville or what. Anyhow we finally get started and Forrest Gump here realizes that I put my wheel on backwards so I pull off to change it. Then I get a phone call from Zea who started the ride from the hotel. There were 5000 bikers and the local cops did not know where the Wyndham Hotel was so I told her we would meet up later. Let me tell you folks about Sonny Bono ville. No local taxes thus no properly paved roads. These roads were soooo choppy that by the time I got off the bike my arms felt like tuning forks just vibrating. I could have tuned my guitar to them. Anyhoo at the first stop 17.3 miles into it the gang caught up. At the same time I spoke to the gang in SD because they were having a little breakfast. Deb called to give me the important info that Billy Joel was touring again. And so as a group we took off. The desert, the land of my people, is ugly. I have no idea why anyone would live there. My people wandered in it for forty years no wonder why we live in Beverly Hills and South Florida now. The ride was uneventful but fun. 1-80 was cool 80-90 was painful I got a second wind at 90-96 and then I popped a spoke. David was so kind. He rode behind me the last 6 to make sure that I got in. He really is a good guy. It was nice to spend time with the bike gang.

It was nice to get the hundred under my belt. And so 15 months after surgery I rode my first century.

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