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Of All the Outstanding Clinics, Why Come to Us?

Today there are a significant number of doctors performing bariatric surgery. That is both good and bad. The positive aspects are that there are an estimated three to four million morbidly obese individuals that surgery could help. The negative is that many surgeons don’t appreciate that Bariatric surgery is a highly technical specialized procedure and needs to incorporate surgical expertise and a multi-disciplinary team approach. Morbid obesity is a complex disease. We believe a team approach is imperative to maximize each patient’s success. The Wittgrove Bariatric Center is one of the most experienced bariatric programs in the world, in all areas including surgical experience, research, and program development.

Dr. Wittgrove was the first surgeon in the world to perform gastric bypass surgery laparscopically. Since then he has taught and lectured throughout the world on this revolutionary technique. WBC has performed over 4500 surgical procedures on bariatric patients.

Our program offers a true mutli-disciplinary team of highly experienced Allied Health professionals. Today, we have a dedicated nursing team, psychologist, internist, insurance analysts, surgical coordinator, patient liaison, and fitness coordinator.

Patient support groups are offered in Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Yuma, Alaska, as well as approximately twice per month at Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla.

Wittgrove Bariatric Center is solely dedicated to bariatric surgery. We truly feel that bariatric surgery is a specialty. Therefore we dedicate all our efforts toward serving the bariatric patient, through the technologically advanced techniques available.

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This seminar is a 90 minute presentation presented by Dr Wittgrove. Here you will learn of surgical options, how they work and expected outcomes. All questions will be answered.

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